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Effect of dissolution of Lok Sabha on Bills

Bills that don't expire

  1. Bills introduced in the Rajya Sabha which have not been passed by the Lok Sabha, therefore those pending in the Rajya Sabha will not lapse.

  2. The bill on which notice of joint meeting is issued by the President after disagreement in both the Houses, such a bill also does not lapse, joint meeting takes place only in the case of general bill.

  3. Bills passed by both the Houses and sent for the assent of the President.

  4. Pending assurance also not lapsed.

  5. Bills sent by the President for reconsideration are also not finished.

Bills that expire

  1. Passed by Lok Sabha and pending in Rajya Sabha.

  2. Bills pending in Lok Sabha / sent by Rajya Sabha to Lok Sabha.

  3. Petitions (presented in Lok Sabha), which are referred to the Committee on Petitions.

  4. All other works pending in the Lok Sabha, such as the proposed resolution amendment, ask for grants.

  5. Rules passed by Lok Sabha (Constitutional) which have not been passed by Rajya Sabha and pending rules passed by Rajya Sabha in Lok Sabha.

Constitutional review commission

It gave suggestions for electoral reforms in its 2003 report which are as follows –

  1. As far as possible, arrangements should be made for voter list without shruti.

  2. Multi-purpose ID card should be made mandatory for all voters.

  3. The Election Commission should have the final power for re-polling.

  4. Speaker, video or other electronic monitoring devices should be used at sensitive polling stations.

  5. Persons who have been accused of serious crimes by a court should be considered ineligible to contest elections and the parties that set them up should be declared invalid.

  6. A person convicted of a heinous crime should be disqualified from election for life

  7. Special courts should be set up for election related disputes.

  8. Election and election expenses should be limited.

  9. It is necessary for every candidate to give details of his age, property.

  10. Even every person holding political office should give such details every year.

  11. The deposits of the candidates who got less than 25% votes should be forfeited.

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